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Hark, Hark Matilda...a weasel is all right!
Now today, that not mean so much to anyone except those who were involved.  But way back in the 1970's, when all of us young guys where only interested in a few things: Could we drink beer? - yep lots!, How long we could grow our hair? - very!, How wide could we get the bottoms of our loons? - absolutely massive!, and of course, how easily could we form a band? - dead easy!  

Star and Garter 1975
Hark Matilda in full flow - notice knife in head

Hark, Hark Matilda..a weasel is all right!
The phrase above formed what was to be a crucial decision in our bands history - the  name - Hark Matilda, but more of that later. This web site is here to stir just a few evocative memories, hopefully it will be  filled with as many keepsakes, cuttings, ticket stubs and photos of our 'rock' lives in 1975 as we could find and muster from those heady and innocent days....

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