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Hark Matilda

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The Sandon, Liverpool

For the past eight months since their formation, Hark Matilda have played the pub rock circuits and have been pleasantly surprised by the favourable reaction given to them despite the enevitable restrictions that a new band has to suffer.  One song performed is a romantic tune called Knee Trembler.  Written in three parts featuring excellent work from lead guitarist, Gareth John, and the added keyboard stylophone actually of their soundman, Mike Carter.  It builds to a violent riff section which pounds along and ends in a echoed chant.  The final part is around  a jazz based passage built on Dave Jones solid bass licks.  This is performed during the middle of the bands second set, and from then on in its rn b all the way.  There are not many bands who can carry off a 12 bar rock song with as much conviction as Hark Matilda, but they are one of them.  King Bee, Treat Your Woman Well, Beat It On Down The Line, and the bands title song, Hark Matilda in quick succession.  Sweat, energy and response are vital factors here.  As The Rolling Stones might have sang Its only Hark Matilda, but I like it!
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